Moving can be a stressful event, no matter how much you’ve planned ahead. Life happens, unforeseen events are, without a doubt, going to occur throughout the moving process. If you have children, it can become even more of an experience. Whether they are excited to move or are fighting the change every step of the way, ensuring the removal goes well for your children is just as important as making sure things go according to your plan. Retro Removals understands everything involved in such a big change, so we have some tips to ensure the process will be as smooth as possible.

Breaking the News

First things first; letting your kids know about the planned transition is a key in ensuring their adjustment will occur more quickly. For the younger kiddos in your family, allowing a shorter amount of time, roughly one to two months, will give them time to process it without letting them dwell on the negatives they will be sure to find. If you have older kids and are making a long distance move, give them more time to ensure they can tie up loose ends and prepare themselves by coming to terms with the idea. High schoolers may have an especially difficult time if they have already begun their experience due to leaving friends and going through the adjustment period again. Giving them ample time to comprehend and prepare for what is about to happen will make the move far easier.

Things will be the Same at Home

Your older kids will understand this easily, but the younger children may not be comfortable with the idea of a “new home.” Temper tantrums, refusal to leave, unpacking already packed moving boxes, you name it, the younger kids will use it to try and prevent you from leaving your current residence. Ensuring your youngsters that everything will be exactly the same at home is crucial so they understand that the scenery may be changing, but their lives will not be impacted as much as they may imagine.

Explore Your New House

If you and your family have the option to see your new home prior to moving day and after the sale, this can be a good introduction for the younger family members. Allowing them to pick their rooms, making plans with them on where you’ll be putting furniture, and setting up their toys can be a great way to make them feel comfortable and happy with the new space before actually moving in.

Moving Day Distractions

If your children have favorite toys or activities like coloring books or games, it can be extremely useful to make sure they keep a few on-hand for moving day. The distraction will allow them to have a continued sense of normalcy as they accompany you on this next exciting adventure!

The removal specialists at Retro Removals understand that moving has an impact on everyone involved. Let us make that day a bit easier on you and yours with our expertise in removal, packaging, and cleaning. Give us a call today and find out why we are the best removal service in Perth!