Secure, Efficient Packing Services

We want you to have a great time moving to your new home or office, so Retro Removals offers packing services to accompany our moving and storage, because we understand how tiring and time consuming it can be. We are able to give attention to all the minuscule details of packing your items because our removalists are not the ones who pack. Instead, we have a special team who specifically handles the packing. They carefully pack all your things in a systematic and orderly manner to ensure nothing is left behind. From a single sock in your drawer to every fine piece of cutlery you have, everything is delicately packed to ensure that nothing will break or chip while moving.

If you wish to move within a two-day window, we can send our team a day before and get all your things packed. It is a simple yet efficient process that will make you appreciate not doing it yourself and instead will save you from spending weeks packing. We bring all the packing materials and item-specific packages ourselves and charge you at competitive rates. This will further save you from the burden of buying the packing materials and continue to alleviate moving pressures.

We can customize our packing services according to your needs and requirements, so the entire process is very smooth and convenient for both you and us. If you are hoping to make moving easier on you and yours, give us a call and let us help you out.