When you are packing for a move, it can come as a surprise just how many things you have in your apartment or home. Items you haven’t seen in years, kitchen tools you don’t use because you aren’t quite sure how to use them, and an atrociously-patterned vase you don’t remember buying. Finding these items and justifying packing them up and bringing them to your new home might be a challenge, but don’t worry. Taking the time during a move to clean out the unnecessary items and purge your home’s inventory can be a great option. Not only will it make the move easier, but you can unpack knowing that you did something productive before hand. Retro Removals has some tips for making the most of a moving purge and why it’s a smart use of your time.

The Three Pile Rule

We’ve all had the moments where you are ready to throw away an old keepsake or a broken item, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. Whether you justify it with the memories attached to it, or you convince yourself you can fix it and use it later, we all know that just isn’t true. When you are faced with the task of getting rid of items that haven’t seen daylight in years, there is a quality three pile strategy you can use to make the decisions easier. Make three piles for these items: keep, sell, donate. This can be a catalyst for having the yard sale you’ve talked about for years, while also giving you the option to keep the things you care for. The donation pile can include anything from old clothes that don’t fit to toys your kids have outgrown. Doing this will give you less to pack, while also ensuring you get something from the work you put in, be it extra money or the satisfaction of donating to a good cause.

Less Boxes and Less Storage Space

clean-and-purge2Moving boxes and subsequent packing materials can be a real thorn in the side of movers. You may find yourself without enough boxes, meaning you have to purchase more or find alternate storage containers. You may also know ahead of time you need some additional storage space to keep your items while you finish moving in, but find yourself pressed to fit everything in a storage unit because you have so many boxes of miscellaneous items. If you can get rid of items you do not want, need, or do not use anymore, you can save yourself the headache of purchasing additional storage space or shoving more moving boxes into a moving truck when the big day arrives. A purge will help you not only in your new home, but also in getting there.

Moving is a hectic event, and Retro Removals wants to help. As Perth’s premier removalist company, we provide our clients with services ranging from packing to storage and everything in between. If you are planning a big move and want to know that your belongings will be handled with the utmost care, give Retro Removals a call today!