Moving house can be a stressful time. There is a lot to plan and a lot to do and it can be exhausting. One way to make it easier is to take advantage of self storage. Retro Removals has partnered with GorillaBox to offer easy and affordable mobile self storage. We’ll bring the storage unit to you, and once it’s loaded, we can move it or store it. Retro Removals can even send a team of professional removalists to help you pack and load your items. Keep reading to learn how you can use self storage to make your next move easier and contact Retro Removals, Perth’s Top Rated Local removalists, when you are ready to get started!

Make Your Home Easier to Sell

If you are showing your home to prospective renters or buyers before you officially move out, self storage can help make your property ready to show. You can move all non-essential items into the storage unit, which will not only make housekeeping easier to handle, but also make your home feel much more spacious. You can show visitors how much space there really is in the garage or guest room without your personal possessions in the way, so they can see the home for what they want it to be rather than how you have organized and decorated it for yourself. Once you have transferred the lease or ownership to someone else, having your belongings in self storage will also make the move easier, since a portion of the packing has already been done!

Give Yourself Time to Pack

Why make moving house more stressful than it has to be by trying to pack and move everything in one day? Tackle moving out in stages and rent a self storage unit before your official move-out date. You can stay motivated and excited about your move rather than wearing yourself out trying to pack and move everything at once. You’ll also have the time to pack everything carefully and handle the other little details of moving. Having some or most of your belongings out of the house before moving can also give you the space to properly clean your home and double check for anything you might accidentally leave behind.

Give Yourself Time to Find a New Home

If the date you are supposed to move out of your original home is different than the day you can move to your new address, or you haven’t yet found a new place to call home, self storage can bridge the gap. You can move all of your belongings out of your first home and keep them in storage while you stay at a hotel or with a friend. Once you’re ready to transfer your items to your new place, we can transport your storage unit to your new Perth address.

Moving house can be complicated and exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. Mobile self storage is a great way to handle your belongings while you try to sell your home, pack, or look for a home. Retro Removals has partnered with GorillaBox Mobile Self Storage to make it easier than ever. We’ll bring the storage unit to you, a Retro Removals team can help you pack your items and load the unit, and then we can securely store the unit for you or transport it to another Perth location. The goal of Retro Removals has always been to make moving as easy and hassle-free as possible, which is why we offer all our packing, moving, and storage services for a competitive rate. Explore our services page to learn more about how we can help you and book your removalist team online today!