If your business is rapidly expanding, you want to streamline to save your company some money, or are a budding entrepreneur starting your business from a home office, moving can be a highly stressful time. Whether you are looking for the right storage solutions or need help with packaging, you don’t have to worry. The expert removalist team at Retro Removals is able to help with any and all of your office moving needs in Perth. Whether you are moving down the block or across the city, our team is equipped to handle any and all of your packing and moving needs. When it comes to an office, there are some steps you should take before we ever touch your items, so today we’ll take a quick look at what some of those steps are and how they can make your office move much easier.

Home Office

When it comes to your home office, you have the luxury of knowing where everything related to your business is and how much of it you have. With a home office, you tend to have less clutter, but more items that you simply can’t operate without. In that case, packing your home office is more meticulous as you have to ensure you don’t throw away any crucial documents, while also keeping any technology in great shape in the event you don’t have a backup. You can’t risk anything breaking en route to your new home, which is why our moving boxes are perfect for this situation. Our removal specialists are experts at keeping your home office equipment in top shape before, during and after the move, but there are some helpful steps you can take before we help you pack and move, including:

  • Organizing everything into piles, such as computers and technology, important documents, and miscellaneous supplies.
  • Wrapping any valuables or breakables and placing them in boxes specific to those pieces.
  • Labeling boxes before they get packed into the moving truck.

These steps can make setting up your next home office much less labor intensive.


Commercial Office

When it comes to a commercial office space, there are often many more pieces that need to be packed and moved, not to mention the need to clean the space after you have vacated. Our professional removalists are more than able to both pack and clean the space, as well as remove any leftover rubbish. Don’t forget, though, that there are some steps you can take to make moving your commercial space easier, such as:

  • Moving valuables and documents crucial to the business on your own.
  • Throw away or get rid of unneeded items.
  • Designate where all boxes should go at the new location.
  • Following some of these tips will make the relocation it easier on your movers and yourself.

Don’t let the thought of moving your office worry you. Give the removalist specialists at Retro Removals a call and make your next Perth move a breeze!