When it comes to moving, the team at Retro Removals understands the stress that comes with packing up your whole life and moving it elsewhere, even if it is in the same area. From the days and probably weeks of packing boxes, to waking up early and attempting to negotiate the best way of placing boxes in the moving truck, to the unloading and resettling of your new home, it’s an intensive process. That’s why Retro Removals is here to help you with all of your removal needs. From storage solutions to helping you pack, we do it all. We also love to offer advice and tips to make your part much easier, which is why today we have some ideas on how you can make the first few hours after your move is done a little bit easier. If you are moving in and around the Perth area, trust Retro Removals to get you there with no problems.

Keep the Necessities Nearby

Unpacking and getting all of your housewares set up is often something you don’t want to think about right away. If you’re more of the mind that getting your bed in place and worrying about the rest later is ideal, we understand. To make the initial aftermath of a removal easier, keep a backpack or box of the necessities near you during the chaos. Things like toiletries, a toothbrush, and other items you are sure you’ll need are useful to have, as well as electronics like headphones and cell phone chargers. Keeping these near you will keep you from the hassle of digging through boxes when you get to your new home.

Don’t Worry About Cooking

Moving is often a task that will take all day, and the last thing you’ll want to do is find the moving boxes with all of your your dishes and cookware, unpack them, and make dinner. Storage space might already be limited in your new space, and you could also be facing a lack of groceries. Instead, take this chance to order out and break in the new house by sitting on the floor and using your moving boxes as makeshift tables and chairs.

Let Us Clean the Old House

We’ve often heard of people going back to the house they just had Retro Removals clear out because they need to clean it as a condition of the sale. Cleaning is never high on a list of priorities, especially when it’s needed after a stressful removal. Retro Removals offers house cleaning services as a supplement to our great removal and packing. Trust us to get any space in shape for the next tenants!

Retro Removals is Perth’s top choice for quality house removal services. From helping you back to providing thorough house cleaning, our team provides a comprehensive suite of services to make your next move a breeze. Don’t stress or worry about getting everything on your checklist taken care of, that’s what our team is here for! Reach out today and let us get started helping you prepare for the next step in your life!